About our Firm :

Ascon builders is a multi-national real estate agency founded by Shaukat Ahmed Didi in 2010. With our unique contemporary style and total passion for connecting people with property, we aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern consumer. We are not confined by traditional real estate boundaries when it comes to buying, selling, and renting or asset management, instead we are always finding new and innovative ways to satisfy our clients’ needs and be at the forefront of the property market.

Managing Directors Statement

Our Vision

The vision of Ascon builders PVT ltd is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate industry while establishing our agency as the preferred real estate company within our market area

Our Mission

The mission of Ascon builders is to be the most successful real estate firm in the Maldives and forecast to grow globally. We incorporate proven professional state-of-the-art techniques which specializes in the building, marketing and leasing of social housing, luxury accommodation and other build ware tenants.

Managing Directors Statement

Ascon Builders Pvt Ltd is a Re-branded Company, previously known as “PLANET VENUS COMPANY PVT LTD”. Planet Venus Company Pvt Ltd was incorporated and has been part of construction industry since 2004. Being formally re-branded as ASCON BUILDERS PVT LTD, the company takes pride in the best sub-contractors in the local markets. The company has a strong portfolio of projects across various industries. We now aim to enter into turnkey projects throughout the Maldives

Ascon Builders has been established as a company in the construction sector for nearly six years. Over the years, the company has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know - how and experiences in designs and build solutions, project management services, building traders and related engineering works.

Our objective is to provide our clients with an "I am assured" experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow through producers ensures that clients objections are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.

Our project management and execution philosophy is to create a detail schedule and resources plan to meet clients projective, communicate clearly with the entire project stake holders, supervise closely on quality of work done and complete and commission the project on time. In solving the many obstacles we face, we always keep the benefit of our clients a priority. We take pride in our delivery, these our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time.

We strive to process projects at competitive pricing, provide safe working condition and deliver quality work within seasonable time frame. By the grace of "ALLAH" our aim is to stay relevant to ever changing market place and clients required in the future as well.

Yours sincerely,

Managing director,
Shaukath Ahmed Didi


At this early stage of the cycle, ASCON has teamed up with trading and service partners. Adhering to this policy of delivering the right product at the right time, our reputation to be the customer’s first preference is progressive. Moreover, our company has written targets and goals for the overall operations, each department and every project .Our bottom line delivers significant excess profits that allow us to seek investments and find opportunities to grow and build our equity and wealth.


We believe above all else that passion for building is transcendent. Technical knowledge can be developed with experience, but creative ability is contingent on having sincere enthusiasm for each and every project. While we place strong emphasis on superior quality, attentive service, competitive cost and aggressive scheduling, our key to success is in creative problem solving and ingenuity. Being a service-oriented company we dedicate our effort to fulfill our customer’s needs. Our goal in all of our projects is to obtain our clients complete satisfaction by performing our work and efficiency.