A: Your home should fit the way you live, with space and feature suitable for your family. Before you begin make a list of priorities ”wish list” and we will guide you along.

A: You can always reach us via social network, phone call or one-on-one meetings. We will always be happy to explain all factors involved throughout the process (start up, building phase, after entry, loan sustainability, etc)

A: Make sure all basic features and other amenities are fulfilled as per you had requested with the contractor. Check if all formalities and other necessary features are involved

A: We recommend you to provide your own inspection officer as it is your dream living. Hence your indirect input is put into effort for your dream living, furthermore both parties trust is gained through all stages

A: We are not in the seeding stage or just at establishment phase. We have been in the industry for more than 7 years. Each year we grow by adding more projects to our list. We have our website, FB page and you can always come to our office and collect a simple brochure leaflet which explain us in few images and texts.At your personnel request we can provide you with an overview of our profile and other necessary documents

A: We do work with such plan as adding temporary shelter with minimal cost, or we guide through to recommended stay plan We will never leave you with “home feel away” thinking until we bring you to your dream home sheltering.

A: We provide a scheme where we could support you in many ways, adding temporary shelter, summing the amount of rent paid from your behalf to be added to the loan which you start commencing only when you start benefiting by leasing your private property “We are always opened for negotiation relevant to your needs once you become our customer”

A: Our estimate will list you with all fees paid before closing, all closing fees and any escrow costs involve during and before submission of contract. We would also provide you with our previous contract to highlight whether if it’s suitable and feasible for you

A: We usually take between 12-18 months, though this will vary according to many factors like disbursement of funds from bank, size of the building plot, authoritative institution factors, and other last minute recommendations from landlord We still thrive to complete with minimal time factor applied to complete all necessary measurements/p>

A: We are aware that during previous scenarios some housing projects and other projects have been stopped or prolonged for a substantial period due to contractor’s financial insufficiency. We assure to provide you with that we have no such records so far, also we take the guarantee from Banks and insurance company for any such circumstance may arise due to an unpredictable occurrence. We plan, Deliver and sustain for future understandings

A: Check the walls and ceilings carefully, as well as any work the seller agreed to do in response to the inspection. Any problems discovered previously that you find uncorrected should be brought up prior to closing. It is our responsibility to fix them.

A: We will always mention the necessary costs involved during and after each phase. This will be bind into an agreement in the initial process If there should be other small amendments to bring to structural changes or other interiors we can always come to a mutual agreement. We will offer you the best choice to look forward for

A: Yes.. We are involved in building mobile luxury vessels, guest houses. We can deliver any kind of construction whether it would be social housing, luxury boat, fishing vessels, water and sewerage, etc